Make better future investments based on your real data.

Know when you can safely refinance and build your empire using real time data.

Informing you on optimising opportunity while mitigating risk.

Track every change in your portfolio, and discover when opportunity beckons, all while making the right decisions to access risk.

The power of a billion dollar investment fund, for every day property investors.

Data driven analytics

Rental Yield

Gain actual insight into the performance of each rental property or accross the entire portfolio, net, gross, realtime and predicted.

Income & Expenses

Income and expense tracking keeps your on point while you manage your books.

Valuations & Capital

Automated valutions accross your entire portfolio, know when a deal is a deal.

Debt to Equity

Realtime debt to equity tracking, know when to refinance.

Automated accounting


Reconcile bank transactions with invoices seamlessly.

Invoice Generation

Automated invoice generation when you need it, or manual when you dont.

2600+ Banks

We currently support 2600+ banks globally, meaning you can connect your online banking directly with Kitt.


Build a variety of reports

Data, based on your positioning

From Every Tenancy

Track every properties finances, down to every tenancy within it.

To the entire portfolio.

Have an full overview of your position, and know when to make your next big play.

For each account

Build and maintain a full set of financial accounts specific to each portfolio.

Across every portfolio

Maintain more than just a single portfolio, with Kitt you can manage all of yours in one place.

No matter what stage you’re at, Kitt integrates perfectly.

Built for you at each point of your portfolios life.


When you are ready to grow


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Up to 5 properties Basic Features $5 Per extra user


When your ready to become efficient


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Up to 15 properties Advanced Features $5 Per extra user


When you rule your empire


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Unlimited properties Advanced Features Up to 5 Free Users

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